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In the late ’70s and early’ 80s a discussion began, even in Italy, regarding the political situation of the Chilean left. The idea of a socialist convergence at that time assumed a great test of pluralism of ideas, transparency in the methods of internal democracy while there was a fight against a military dictatorship.

Today, of course, we do not fight against a military dictatorship but we could say that we are fighting against political financial dictatorships whose selfish implications are in constant acceleration. Moreover, in Italy today, we witness the atomistic crumbling of those areas of the historic Left and the dissolution of any autonomous political organization of Italian socialism. What remains of Italian socialism is very little.

Italian socialism has reached its minimum in terms of militancy and votes, thus eliminating any hope for an alternative society. Today it is the majority of the people to be disinterested in politics and, therefore, to the common good. Men and women, our compatriots, do not believe anymore to the contribution for the improvement of the living conditions of all. They have been forced to get lost, over time, by selfish and self-centered politics, closed in itself, without the ability to give a systemic overview, a hope (as once we used to said) for a better future. In this chopped political situation does it makes sense, therefore, to build a socialist party, in the left, in Italy?

Of course, yes. Not trying would mean to remain out of history, especially in a world where millions of people claim the need for socialist policies.

Socialist Convergence is a new reality. Socialist Party, in the Left.

When a new reality emerges, although in its infancy and under construction, one wonders where it will go, what direction will pursue, what political platform will guide its actions.

First of all, Socialist Convergence was not founded with the spirit of opposition towards other political groups. Socialist Convergence is the socialist alternative in Italy since it believes that the great ideas and fights of socialism are today orphans of a political party which could embrace such values.

The need, in fact, has long been to create a political platform and organizational structure that would accommodate the socialist thoughts and actions, radically reformists, and give opportunities to many women and men to work for a long-term project. Socialist Convergence is for whoever wants to be part of our dream, for those who think that this Party will be the future of Italian socialism. Socialist Convergence is not for those who have their feet in too many shoes.

Having said this, we place primary importance on policies which allow the emersion of a new social welfare, in Italy and in Europe. This means to value policies with the intention to economically, socially and culturally lift those who are behind. This implies being against the austerity policies adopted so far, promote and obtain the primacy of politics over finance, to insist on the creation of a political Europe. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to deeply reverse the idea of Europe, its functions, its constraints (i.e. Fiscal Compact, Stability and Growth Pact, etc). It is a priority to create a public banking network, socially useful; to abandon quantitative measure index (i.e. GDP) and start using qualitative measure index as a candidate to describe a new model of development based on equity and sustainability.

Rethinking government policies at local, national and European level, in order to reconstruct the welfare of “public utility” with the goal of addressing the issues we have always talked about. Issues to be necessarily addressed for all men and women.

Health, housing, education, employment, economic well-being, safety, landscape and cultural heritage, environment, research, innovation, services, etc. These are the issues on which we work and on which we can make important progress which, however, require, first of all, an act of truth and courage. On three sides.

We start from the respect of the Constitution. When the democratic rules are bended is no longer possible to play the political game on an equitable basis as there is less chance that alternative political offers have the opportunity to emerge, to be evaluated and discussed. Change the rules of democracy “at partitum” and disregard the Constitution by not implementing important constitutional articles make the Italian society increasingly vulnerable to the strongest, which is a small minority of individuals who must be fought firmly on the political terrain.

The second problem is in the information, television and newspapers, in the hands of a few individuals. This issue is related to the first one, and without a multiplicity of information, transparency in the information system, with no clear law on conflicts of interest, the Nation remains locked in a closed world, often censored and without truth. Considering the truth and the transparency uncomfortable features to the freezing of political power through the complicity of the corporate media, it makes it impossible for alternative policies to emergence.

Last point has to do with the awareness that we live in a globalized world at war. We do not refer only to financial and currency wars, but in real armed conflicts, small and not so small, caused by economic and geopolitical interests, the effects of which are death, misery, leaks and forced migrations. Large forced migration due to the wars that are, in turn, a result of economic and geopolitical interests of nations, often distant and immune from the effects of their actions. If the causes are the economic and geopolitical interests of the few, and one of the effects is the final mass migration, our duty is not to attack the effects but the cause that makes the world less livable, less secure. The political and strategic error to avoid is blaming the poor. Instead, we should vigorously confront those who, distant and behind the scenes, destabilize countries, plan solutions, organized armed groups, for their own interests and against the interests of the communities of the planet.

The priority of Socialist Convergence is rethink a New Welfare State, which means finding feasible answers that allow us to emerge from a widespread poverty and social injustice.

First of all, we must understand that our task is the deep distortions of our economic system that affect the existence of millions of people. This requires a broad understanding of the global society and its superstructures.
This means that we must work along four lines:

First, fully analyze and understand the capitalist system, today in its cruel financial aspects, and the organization of our society.

Second, work towards the definition of an alternative development system which could be measurable with sustainability factors. A new and alternative model of development founded on the well-being of women and men.

Third, work to re-establish a contact between the desire for political inclusion by citizens and the ideas of equality, human solidarity and social justice. We have now reached, in this country, the paradox that there is a strong need, even unconscious, of socialism and the lack of socialism in the streets, in the factories. So, ensure that you re-establish direct contact with the people in the territories.

Fourth, ensure the discussions on the needs of women and men in modern societies with the goal to revive policies on a new welfare state.

In Europe, however, we are not close to the political platform of the Party of European Socialists. On the contrary, our positions are in line with what is written in the documents of the European Left. We are Europeans but for a social and, especially, “socially useful” Europe, socially useful to its citizens.

Partito politico socialista aderente al 'Forum europeo delle forze progressiste' e in collaborazione con il Partito della Sinistra Europea

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